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Scuba Diving

If it's breath-taking marine life you want to encounter, then the place to come to is the Bellarine Peninsula! Historic shipwrecks, stunning wall dives, temperate water reefs, fast drift dives, thriving kelp gardens, crayfish, abalone, scallops, dolphins and seals.

Dive the ex HMAS Canberra Reef for the wreck dive of a lifetime. As a new, large, accessible dive wreck, the ex HMAS Canberra FFG-02 is a wreck diver's dream. You can certainly get a feel for the majesty of the wreck after even a few dives. You can dive the ex HMAS Canberra by booking with a Charter Boat Operator or Dive Shop. Divers using private boats can also book a time on the public mooring.

Divers are able to access the superstructure of all decks. Highlights are the junior mess mural, the captain's cabin, the bridge, galley, mess decks and operations room. These areas have been left as intact as possible to create additional interest for divers, plus nooks and crannies for creatures. Please note that this can make the dive more challenging.